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  • Rob Compton
    commented 2014-11-13 05:46:05 -0500
    Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic that you’re young and getting involved. I just don’t like that an 18 year old child of a politician is telling my elderly aunt that she can’t marry her partner of 50 years. They’ve been together almost three times longer than you’ve been alive. Don’t you think they know what’s best for them? How are they hurting society or anybody else?

    Absolutely ridiculous
  • Matt Newell
    commented 2014-11-10 22:00:13 -0500
    Our country was founded on Christian-Judean principles. In fact, our constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not freedom from religion…our government must recognize the importance and wisdom of God’s Ten Commandments for our nation to thrive. Because Norway is such a shitty country.

    I believe marriage is the holy union of a man and a woman as husband and wife under God. My grandparents have demonstrated this relationship with 54 years of wedlock Against equal rights. Love one another as long as you’re both heterosexual; isn’t that what Jesus said?

    I fully support the 2nd amendment…It’s time that we stopped treating our citizens like terrorists and terrorists like citizens. Someone from Guantanamo Bay called. He’d like to know where he can sign up for the citizen treatment plan.

    The Unfair Trade Practice Act…encourages price gouging, especially on motor fuels. This law must be repealed now! Well, now that we’ve voted the Republicans into Senate we might as well make gas cheaper because to hell with making renewables competitive, right?

    I consider abortion the act of taking a human life. I find it extremely hard to believe that given the choice any child would choose death over life. How about we take the foetus out of the womb and you can care for it like the child you say it is. Let me know how long it stays “alive.”
  • Bea Reed
    commented 2014-11-09 07:50:00 -0500
    Would you consider moving to North Carolina? We need several in our state, actually in all states, with your beliefs and morals. Hold on to that and please don’t change. :-)
  • Ukiah Hawkins
    commented 2014-11-09 01:13:34 -0500
    Ms. Blair,

    Congratulations on winning the election. To be able to devote time and energy toward representing the citizens of your district is a noble effort, and I applaud you for your desire to represent the citizens of this place you call home.

    Don’t let the noise here distract you from doing the work at hand. Best of luck.
  • Mike Ogulnick
    commented 2014-11-07 11:21:41 -0500
    Saira, while I think it’s great for someone your age to be so interested in politics, I think it’s a shame that your ideology is so warped and wrong. As someone who is Jewish, I’m so tired of Christian conservatives shoving their religion in my face. This nation was not founded on Christianity. It was founded to give refuge to people of all faiths.

    Then there’s your obligatory picture of you shooting a gun. You love your gun rights. How do you feel when kids, not much younger than yourself, are mowed down in schools? Does that make you feel good, Saira?

    Finally, there’s your heartfelt take on gay marriage. I’m sure you’ve been personally affected by those who wish to marry who they love, regardless of gender. I know. Your parents and your church have taught you that homosexuality is a sin. Let me ask you a question. How does their lifestyle affect you? It doesn’t. Worry about yourself, Saira. That should take up enough of your time.

    It’s hypocritical, Saira, to hide behind the bible to advance an intolerant agenda.
  • Emma Cooper
    commented 2014-11-06 20:10:09 -0500
    Absolutely love it all. What a wonderful strong, moral role model for women. Congrats Saira and I’m looking forward to watching your political career get started.
  • Casey Klopp
    commented 2014-11-06 19:23:07 -0500
    Sorry Saira, I don’t think I’ll be observing your God’s 10 Commandments as America’s law any time soon. :) That’s crazy that you think we should though, because America was actually founded on secular principles! Crazy, right? You’ll learn that in your political science class some day. You have a hell of a lot to learn! Good luck!
  • Daniel Lins
    commented 2014-11-06 18:18:10 -0500
    Some parents get their kids a car for their 18th birthday. Some

    Apparently, some parents team up with the NRA and anti-abortion groups to buy their daughter an election.

    And here I was, thinking the ultraconservative religious nuts were finally starting to die off…
  • Michael Patrick Scott
    commented 2014-11-06 17:55:28 -0500
    all the liberals came here beacuse of the link from bing. they are here to tell saira she shouldn’t have the opinions she has formed from her family. while the liberals are saying we formed our opinion from college professors and televesion programs that told them how to think. hey liberals, go back to your boob tube. saira has given everyone her opinion and she never ever said for you to agree with her. now go back to obama who said he would change the economy around and failed he had the house and the senate for 2 years and put everything into his failed health care. 6 years 2009 to 2014 – 6 years and all people can find is part time jobs.
  • Haley
    commented 2014-11-06 16:10:20 -0500
    I was really hoping the younger generation of Republicans would be more… enlightened.
  • John Lev
    commented 2014-11-06 12:31:35 -0500
    First off, allow me to congratulate you on your win. This is truly a historic first and you should be proud of yourself. I tip my hat to you.

    With that being said, you appear to be gravely mis-informed about certain issue’s.

    Take your stand on religion for example. You state that our country was “founded upon christian-judea principals.” Nothing could be further from the truth and in fact, the FF’s were pretty hostile towards jews back then and would’ve given you a funny look asking what “christian-judea” meant as the term was not in use back then. It came about in the late 1800’s and wasn’t really used much until the early 1900’s.

    I have to wonder if you’ve actually read the US Constitution? I have. There’s absolutely nothing in there that supports the notion that we were founded on any set of religious tenets. In fact, everything the FF’s did indicate their disgust for the idea that religion would be entangled with the state.

    During the Constitution Convention, one member suggested that it be opened with a prayer. It was shouted down. There’s not a single mention of a god or Jesus anywhere in the document despite repeated attempts, almost from inception, to amend the Preamble to include references to Jesus. THe last attempt was during the Clinton admin I believe.

    The Treaty of Tripoli, which was initiated by Washington and signed by President Adams, specifically states: “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion”. This was read aloud in Congress, printed in papers of the time and there was no outcry over this before ti was voted on and passed unanimously in the Senate before Adams signed it. This is factual history. I’m sure you can use google and look for yourself. In addition, James Madison (aka: Father of the Constitution) decried public prayer as unconstitutional and deny every single request from a church during his term as President citing the separation of church/state.

    That’s just a small history lesson to demonstrate how misinformed you are. I encourage you to research for yourself. And David Barton is NOT a historian. He’s been caught in numerous lies and deceptions. His last book was so full of misinformation that the christian publisher pulled it from the shelves.

    As far as the ten C’s, they actually have no real bearing on our laws. Out of all ten of them, only 3 can be said to apply and they are more general laws that all societies have had. Even one’s pre-dating the jews.

    I can go on but you get the idea. I truly hope that you’ll realize the error of you information and make a wise choice to readjust your stance in light of the information.
  • Danny Strickland
    commented 2014-11-06 12:20:37 -0500
    Saira you keep the thoughts and beliefs you have close to your heart and never let anyone move you away from what is right. Most of the post I see here in comments are from the people on the left and are people that have chosen to follow the 50% in this country that have given up all moral and ethical beliefs to be political correct. Remember what Ragan said, it is not that our friends on the left are ignorant it’s just that they believe so much that is not true. Take this election as an affirmation of your values, then you will see who is on the right side you or these bobs that think they are so much smarter then you because of your age. I wish even 1/2 the people in this country aged 18 to 50 had the wisdom you have right now. If they did we would not be living in a country over 17 trillion in debt and killing millions of babies a year because people can’t control themselves (men or women) they are both at fault, we know where babies come from it’s not a mystery. Except for rape and incest their choice ends in the bed. These people that are downing you are the same ones that are stupid enough to not use birth control and have to even go through an abortion. And as for same-sex marriage that is an oxy-moron there is no such thing. Marriage was ordained by God from the very beginning. I can show in the word of God this fact in the old & new testament. I hear all the time it is not in there but, it is. Just saying something is not true does not make it so. Saira you will see more and more as you grow that the people that are on the left would rather believe a lie then have to deal with the truth. Most of them want to live in a world where everyone did what they want, no matter the cost or effect on the society around them.The Romans had this same thought and you see how it ended for them. I believe more and more people in this country are seeing that the Christians are not the monsters that the left want to paint them as. They are seeing that the real intolerant mean spirited people are the ones on the left that hate everything that Jesus Christ stood for, and still does. They make statements like all that you and I believe is just outdated crap from old people and they are the new improved human society. Like the stupid statement that if Christians had their way we would have ISIS here already. Just goes to show how much they know about real Christianity. I can tell you this I am 58 years old and God has not changed for thousands of years and he will never change. So Saira stand firm and stand tall on the rock and he will never fail you. Just do what we all have to do with people like this, pray for them they are lost in a dying world and can not see the light. We need a lot more young people like you in this country, So congratulations on the win and God Bless and keep you safe and growing in his wisdom, In Christ Love, Respectfully yours, Rev. Danny Strickland
  • canudo
    commented 2014-11-06 06:51:00 -0500
    God’s ten commandments?
    No abortion?
    Guns “for protection”?

    That’s why everyone makes fun of America… Crazy people!
    But hey, keep entertaining us! :)
  • Volodymyr Kolychev
    commented 2014-11-06 05:06:53 -0500
    As a Libertarian I believe you are absolutely right on the economic issues, but your social ideas… they are down right terrible.
  • Melissa Sanchez
    commented 2014-11-06 04:20:43 -0500
    You Have approached these topics very simply but they are all in fact much more complex than you give them credit for. First amendment, not all the founding fathers were as right winged Christian as you or even identified as Christian. So how can you impose that this country was founded on Christian morals and that it needs to conform to Christian ideals. Yes we have freedom of religion not from religion but you must understand that that doesn’t mean you can just put Christian religion in the government remember separation of church and state???? Plus most religions that I have studied in college have similar if not the same ideas or commandments. You will be doing this country a disservice if you think you can take us back to a “Christian nation”. I’m Christian but I know that it isn’t fair to talk like that and force my religion on my friends who are of all different religions.

    Second abortion, if you actually go to college and leave the comforts of your home you might discover the world is not rainbows and butterflies. As someone who comes from an area with a large amount of young mothers and unwed women who have been left behind, I have seen first hand the devastation of their choices or their lack there of. I work retail which pays poorly with a large majority of these women are employed there. These women have little hope to escape the poverty they grew up in and are now burdened with a child dooming them to the same poverty stricken life. Some of these women can’t even afford to feed their kids even though they often have two jobs. And with most right winded parties you believe in cutting this stuff first. Now this woman is stuck with a child she can’t feed because she lost her welfare. If she had the choice I think she would choose to have her life back, go to college and maybe become a government official like you. If you ask a child if he would choice life or death he would choose life….. Yes but what about you? Do you think it wise for someone who is a child or can not provide for one has any business being a mother? No… What is that child’s quality of life? Is it worth being born into this world if you are dammed to misery poverty, abuse, hunger, drug parents or abandoned at a firehouse? What kind of life is that? I know that I would rather not be born at all if I was handed those choices.

    Next on the list… Gay marriage… What is wrong with it? Does it offend you? Do you think it makes other people gay? Do you think that because someone told you the bible says its wrong? No one can point and say " right here god said gays can’t marry". And if I they do they are no better than the Catholic Church “sorry catholic friends” lying to the illiterate people that you can buy your way to heaven and have your sins forgiven… ( okay Catholics I’m only talking about long time ago like Middle Ages I think sorry, still friends?). Plus the whole separation of church and state again.

    As far as your grandparents, that’s just swell. But as someone mentioned before just being married for a long time doesn’t mean much other than them being married for a long time. Also not to be a downer but a lot of people get divorced now days so if your concerned about families then maybe you should be focusing on how to fix families so children aren’t left in broken homes and end up getting pregnant at a young age. Okay common core? I don’t really know that much about it but I can tell you the way we are doing things now doesn’t work. If it really is that bad then we need to change it. We can’t go back to the old system it just doesn’t work well. Also what have you seen as far as common core goes? You just got out of school yourself did they start it before or after you graduated? Did you go through some of the material your senior year? I’m not trying to be mean I’m honestly curious what you know about it. My sister who graduated from UCDavis is planning on become a teacher. She is just learning about common core now. I feel like those who are working as teachers and are planing to become teachers should have the most say in this matter not you not me but people who understand children and their ability to learn. you also said that competition encourages learning. I feel that it only works for a select few, most students will do what is required of them to pass they aren’t engaged because they are graded on weather they can remember facts for the test. After that it’s forgotten. I honestly can’t remember most of what I learned in high school and I was a decent student. I feel that most of my knowledge now is actually from college as you will find out things are much different. In fact I don’t think I learned much about government in high school… Maybe you went to a better school than me.

    I feel that yes you have the energy and attitude as someone should for your position for working in government but I feel that maybe you are underprepared. I just hope you can do your country and state proud by being informed and educated in your decisions since they affect our lives. I hope that even though you oppose most of the stuff that some of the younger generation is for that you remember you are representing all of us.
  • Samantha Mattern
    commented 2014-11-05 23:05:51 -0500
    Are you going to build Ice Town? Are you another Ben Wyatt? IS THIS A PLOY FOR ICE TOWN?!? If so, I would like to come and experience it before you bankrupt your state.
  • Katie W
    commented 2014-11-05 22:57:47 -0500
    There’s a couple assertions here that bother me – not necessarily because of your overal political philosophy, but because they clearly seem self-evident to you and are demonstrably not. Maybe I’m just being overly fastidious (it’s happened), but I’d like to think that realizing this will at least encourage you to go looking for better evidence.
    • “I find it extremely hard to believe that given the choice any child would choose death over life, I know I certainly wouldn’t.”

    According to the CDC, 4600 kids every year would disagree with you, because that’s exactly what they did (and incidentally, almost half of these successful suicides required easy access to a gun). That’s not even counting the 150,000+ children and teens who hurt themselves bad enough to end up in the emergency room. Stuff like this only gets more common when you look at minority folks like certain non-white groups, gay or trans kids, or other people who face a lot of crap every day. To give the statistics a (admittedly anonymous) face, I had a vicious self-hatred going by the time I was 8, and the first time I actually considered suicide I was only 12 – and I’m a white middle-class kid who, objectively speaking, had very high quality of life!

    Look, it’s great that you and your peers have had stable childhoods and good genetics when it comes to mental illness! And I’m certainly not trying to say that these kids would have been better off not being born – regardless of what they might have believed when they were suicidal – but just… try to avoid saying things that make you sound sheltered.
    • “My grandparents have demonstrated this relationship with 54 years of wedlock.”

    My own grandparents have been married for even longer than yours. They were pretty much the only model I had for what growing old in a marriage is supposed to be like, and I never thought twice about it. It turns out that me and my cousins were all carefully sheltered from the truth: my quiet, devout grandfather was (and possibly still is) an abusive, rage-filled jerk where his wife and kids were concerned. My grandmother has serious health issues stemming at least in part from the stress of living with this man for more than 50 years.

    The simple fact of being married for a long time says less than you’d think about the health – let alone the godliness – of a relationship.

    Anyway, congratulations on your impressive election! You’ve now got pretty much the perfect excuse to meet with and learn from your constituents and fellow West Virginians. I hope you’ll spend some of that time searching out and arguing with people who are as different from you as you can manage, in addition to relying on your existing political contacts. The world is complicated, and at our age (I myself am just out of college), personal experience only accounts for a tiny sliver of it. The rest requires research.
  • K. Cooper
    commented 2014-11-05 21:38:48 -0500
    Hey there Saira, I was interested in your story so I wanted to check out your webpage (although I’m not American). I’m disappointed that this is what the younger generation represents, mostly because your issues aren’t backed up factually. For instance, I had a look into what Cornell Law School says about the First Amendment and it says:

    “The First Amendment’s Establishment Clause prohibits the government from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.” This clause not only forbids the government from establishing an official religion, but also prohibits government actions that unduly favor one religion over another.”

    To me this means the government should not be making laws based on the fact that they’re in the Bible as you have implied they should.

    Have you interpreted this a different way?
  • Homer Sansom
    commented 2014-11-05 21:34:48 -0500
    Hey, all you “people” on her, she won!!!!!! And the party that has no respect for the Constitution got demolished last night. Have a nice day and don’t forget your meds.
  • John Watkins
    commented 2014-11-05 21:27:47 -0500
    This is so sad. She’s a foolish, stupid 18-year-old, just like a lot of us were at 18. My siblings and I grew up in a very sheltered, conservative environment, and we believed a lot of the same things she’s been peddling on the campaign trail.

    The only difference is, we didn’t run for office. We didn’t make a laughingstock of ourselves in front of an entire nation. We grew up and realized a lot of the silly lessons we were taught as youngsters were outdated ideas from older people who are too afraid of change to let go. We graduated from college, supported ourselves, and lived in the real world.

    Saira Blair desperately needs to do the same, and she desperately needed to do it before running for office. She is not setting a good example for young people because she is not being a leader. She is simply parroting what her parents and her church have told her, and it comes across with the painful obviousness of a rotely-written high school essay.

    It would be healthiest for her if she was viciously primaried in two years and taken out of office until she’s grown up enough to find a voice of her own.
  • Zac Rodriguez
    commented 2014-11-05 21:20:12 -0500
    So your grandparents have had 54 years of marriage is your basis for attacking the love of others of the same sex?
    There is a lesbian couple in Iowa that has been together for 72 years, finally able to marry at the ages if 90 and 92. According to your argument, because they have been happily together much LONGER than your grandparents and most couples, we should ban heterosexual marriage. Your awful arguments were also used to try to stop interracial marriage and interfaith marriage.

    Also, the 1st amendment does guarantee freedom of AND from religion. A large majority of our founding fathers were also adamant that religion should not ever be near government. Good thing too, else we’d be ISIS by now.

    You are wrong in nearly every way, with baseless arguments already shot down as unconstitutional countless times. I will happily welcome you as family if you actually bother to research something for once instead of simply being spoon fed bullshit by old men who wish we could go back to slavery.
  • Necol Keenan
    commented 2014-11-05 21:14:22 -0500
    She’s talking my language. It takes the young people to stand up for what’s right and get things done in Congress!
  • Luke Ramirez
    commented 2014-11-05 20:29:36 -0500
    Wow. I am now seriously reconsidering applying to any med schools in WV.
  • Mark Herbert
    commented 2014-11-05 20:24:11 -0500
    God I can’t wait for Reddit to get their hands on this story.
  • Mark Herbert
    commented 2014-11-05 20:23:04 -0500
    If you’re talking about the people who brought slaves to America, I suppose they were espousing Judeo Christian principles.
  • Brian Kron
    commented 2014-11-05 18:21:50 -0500
    I think you need to take a real intense lesson on the separation of church and state
  • Eva Wilkes
    commented 2014-11-05 18:01:40 -0500
    Sad that fear driven, irrational propaganda like this is being passed down to young people!
  • Immad
    commented 2014-11-05 17:19:15 -0500
    Dear God what is this abomination.
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