About Saira

IMG_6821.jpegThese are my Core Personal and Political Beliefs: 

  • I’m Pro-Life
  • I’m Pro-Family
  • I’m Pro-2nd Amendment
  • I’m Pro-Business
  • I’m Pro-Jobs
  • I’m Pro-West Virginia

One of the many reasons that I’m seeking re-election to the 59th Delegate seat is to demonstrate to younger people that we shouldn’t wait until we’re 40, 50 or 60 to understand that conservative values and principles are the way to prosperity and success.

I’m living proof that you can get a good education in West Virginia if you choose to, what is difficult is finding a good paying job. I want to change that and with your support, we can!

Lower taxes, limited government and a fair, predictable court will encourage economic growth which equates to more good paying jobs.   

West Virginians deserve better! Enacting sound economic principles will solve virtually all of West Virginia’s socioeconomic woes.

Trust me with your vote, and I will make you proud!

Quick Facts:


  • Lifelong resident of Berkeley County
  • Daughter of Senator Craig Blair and his wife Andrea
  • Born on July 11, 1996 and has one brother, Philip Blair
  • Worships at the “Church at Martinsburg” 


  • Graduated from Hedgesville High School  (4.2 GPA)
  • Attends West Virginia University
  • Dual majors in Economics and Spanish 

Work Experience:

  • Student Teller for Eastern Panhandle Federal Credit Union
  • Apple Crest Orchard 
  • Sunset Water Services 


  • National Rifle Association
  • West Virginia Citizen’s Defense League
  • Lifetime Member of Berkeley County Republican Club
  • Member of Morgan County Republican Club


  • Forbes' "30 Under 30" in Law & Policy
  • Business Insider's "24 Most Impressive High School Graduates of 2014"
  • Christianity Today's "33 Christians Under 33 to Watch"
  • West Virginia State Journals' "40 Under 40"


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    followed this page 2018-01-29 21:25:38 -0500
  • Michael Davis
    followed this page 2017-07-07 06:29:18 -0400
  • Mike Hoffmann
    commented 2014-11-14 23:18:40 -0500
    Blair, are you in favor of psychological testing of applicants for a firearm license?
  • Mike Hoffmann
    commented 2014-11-14 23:15:54 -0500
    Francis Power, are you in favor of criminalizing abortion in such cases?
  • Francis Power
    commented 2014-11-14 22:31:00 -0500
    Mike Hoffman, rape/incest and other sex crimes are horrible, horrible acts and the criminals should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But don’t punish a baby for their actions.

    Saira, don’t let the haters distract you, stick to your values, be yourself. It’s great to see someone in office not yet corrupted by popularity or modern society and wanting to provide real hope and change.
  • Marc Cutright
    commented 2014-11-14 05:43:23 -0500
    Saira, have you known any poor people who work 40+ hours a week for our current minimum wage, who try to support themselves and loved ones? Have you known or listened to anyone driven further into deep poverty by our health care system? Have you listened to their survivors, when they were denied basic care? Have you considered why those who dig up WV for coal and mineral wealth are given passes on destroying the environment, poisoning our children, destroying the beauty of WV, paying taxes, are given your support, while the victims go begging, under the idea of “less government”? Do you intend to support all the people of your district, or just the funded interests who fueled you?
  • Besmarter Simon
    commented 2014-11-14 03:02:41 -0500
    Long live Saira Blair
    as you walk in the reality of your dreams to fullfill your hearts desires by walking with the Youth & Teens in West Virginia and the Entire world as a Whole.
    May God
    Lead and Direct U as He Bestows His Extra-Ordinary Protection upon you.
    All the Best.
  • Dumanhieu Turboshok
    commented 2014-11-07 17:09:03 -0500
    Awesome young woman. Good luck and best wishes for all the years to come. Don’t let the naysayers or trolls bother you they are just jealous and uneducated.
  • Mike Hoffmann
    commented 2014-11-07 11:39:18 -0500
    What’s your stance of abortion as it relates to rape/incest victims, Blair?
  • Mike Hoffmann
    commented 2014-11-07 11:36:57 -0500
    Lower taxes for who, Blair?
  • Harvey Jones
    commented 2014-11-07 10:23:52 -0500
    Saira, congratulations on your election from a fellow conservative from Australia. Your story has gone worldwide via Facebook and is an inspiration to us all.
  • Seth
    commented 2014-11-06 14:28:08 -0500
    LOL, you supposedly graduated high school with a 4.2 GPA, yet do not have a basic handle on basic grammar, syntax, or the correct spelling of the word “dual”? Somehow I think Daddy’s money and influence may have had a role in any “successes” you’ve had, academic or otherwise. He could have at least extended his benevolence to proof-reading your official “about me” page after all that effort!
  • Emily Day
    commented 2014-11-06 01:13:03 -0500
    Krystal, I read somewhere earlier that Saira talked about young adults moving out of her district BECAUSE it’s difficult to find good jobs, so that’s what she would be referring to, kids growing up in this area and then having to leave to find a job.

    To the other commentors, let’s leave the Grammar Police badges at home, shall we? If she has a 4.2 high school GPA, she probably knows her grammar, and we all know that typos happen on accident.

    Lets just celebrate the fact that a young woman made US history by becoming the youngest elected lawmaker, that she cares enough about her community and generation to make herself into an example that young adults need to be involved in our countries politics.
  • Stanley Bujak
    commented 2014-11-05 11:08:16 -0500
    Is GOP a party of old folks? Don’t tell that to Saira.
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